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Conejo Valley Real Estate Agent

If you're looking to buy or sell a home in the Conejo Valley then you're going to want to hire a qualified Conejo Valley Real Estate Agent.  Locating an agent is simple but hiring a qualified agent with experience that will protect your interests should be something...

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6 Tips To Building Equity In Your Home

One of the best way to build wealth is by building equity in real estate.  What is equity?  Think of your home as a pie shape, the more you pay down your mortgage or increase the value in your home the more of the pie you own and that's called equity.  Furthermore...

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Using the Multiple Listing Service for Comparables

For a Realtor or Appraiser to effectively do their job and value a property they must use a local database called an MLS or Multiple Listing Service.  Using the Multiple Listing Service for Comparables is necessary because without it a true value for what the property...

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we service Bakersfield CA and the Conejo Valley in Ventura County and look forward to serving you soon!


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