Buyers Final Inspection

Buyers Final InspectionOne of the most important items to remember when buying a home is to complete a buyers final inspection also know as a buyers final walk through.  This inspection is usually done 2-3 days before closing escrow and is an optional inspection that buyers wont want to pass up.  The inspection is meant for buyers to do one final walk through on the property to make sure any negotiated repairs have been completed, the property is in the same condition or better than when the buyers offer was made and that the property has been vacated.

A buyers final inspection is often overlooked by buyers but do not make this mistake yourself.  Proper planning and due diligence thus far through the transaction will all be for nothing if your final inspection is not completed.  There’s a saying “inspect what you expect” and this most definitely holds true here.  If you expect your home to be in a certain condition after going through escrow and prior to the seller turning over the keys then make sure that you complete your inspection.  It’s your right.

Do not overlook the Buyers Final Inspection

Think about this for a second, you close escrow on your new home and are ready to move-in only top open the door and realize the sellers are still there or maybe the house has been completely vandalized.  Sound like a nightmare?  It’s a reality that can definitely happen but can be avoided if you follow one simple rule… always complete your buyers final walk through.  After close of escrow you will be fighting an uphill battle if the property is still occupied or damage has been done.  You’ll have to wait months for a court eviction that like vandalism repairs can cause you thousands.  Simply doing a buyers final inspection will save you this grief because you don’t have to close escrow till all items are satisfactorily handled.


For more information on buyers final inspection, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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