First Time Home Buyers Jitters

First Time Home BuyersBuying your first home always comes with some butterflies, we call it first time home buyers jitters.  It’s important that you use a professional to help you navigate through these uncharted waters.  Using a Realtor with first time home buyers experience will also help as these agents will go through the process with more patience and take the time necessary to explain things as you go.  You’ll want to use a Tholco Realtor as your professional guide!

We’ll help you avoid the common pitfalls uneducated first time home buyers make.

Mistakes such as:

  1. Not knowing what you can afford
  2. Failing to consider ALL the expenses of buy a home
  3. Lacking the necessary vision to “change the carpet and paint”
  4. Buying the first home you find
  5. Passing on inspections so you don’t “upset” the seller

And much more!

The not knowing can be a scary and daunting process.  When buying a home for the first time you don’t want to make mistakes, mistakes in a real estate purchase can cost you money and even end you up in court.  We’ll make sure the unknowns of the home buying process are explained along the way so you as the home buyer can make the best educated decisions.  Together we’ll make sure to cover every step of the home buying process with you.

We’ll work closely to determine:

  • What type of monthly payment you can afford?
  • The ins and outs of qualifying for the home loan.
  • What the down payment will be.
  • The options of little or no down payment.
  • Tax advantages of buying versus renting.

If you’re interested in learning more about the first time home buyers process and what programs may be available to you, please contact us.  We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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