Home Buyers Remorse

Home Buyers RemorseBuying a home can be an emotional roller-coaster and stressful process.  Buyers often experience Home Buyers Remorse as they proceed through the home buying and transaction process.  One way to combat these feeling is to remember why you’re buying a home in the first place.  Making a list as to the pro’s and con’s of buying a home will help you even out the up and down emotional ride.

First thing to do when thinking about buying a home is to write down pro’s and con’s of buying a home.  At this point in the process you’ll be thinking logically and non-emotionally which will make things easier in the future.  Additionally, it could save you money in the long-run when you have some thoughts figured out in advance.  Draw a vertical line down the middle of the paper with “Pro” and “Con” as your headers.  Next, list all the positive reasons to buying a home in the Pro column and all the “not so great” reasons in the Con column.

You should also make a smaller section on the bottom of the page with two more headers and title them “What’s Needed” and What’s Wanted”.  These sections are pretty self explanatory but in the What’s Needed section make sure to list the following items; the maximum amount you want to pay for a home (i.e. your budget), minimum square footage, bedroom and bathroom count you can deal with.  Lastly, if you have a pet you may want to list a small backyard in your needed section.  Think of your What’s Wanted section as your wish list area, this section contains items that if are included in the home you buy that fits within the items in the What’s Needed section might just be the perfect fit.

Home Buyers Remorse Tips to Keep a Cool Head

Save the document in a safe place so you can reference it later if necessary.  This process might sound stupid now but while you’re going through the process of looking at homes, negotiating offers and repairs, etc you’ll be glad you have the list to keep you grounded.  After all it’s easy to move out of your original comfort zone when looking at amazing homes that are slightly more money but might be closer to the beach or have great views, etc.  Remember… What’s Wanted versus What’s Needed.

After looking at some homes you’ll likely find the perfect one.  Next you’ll make an offer and if all goes well your offer will be accepted.  For a more detailed version of the offer process please check out our article Bakersfield CA Home-Buying Guide.  After getting your offer accepted it’ll be normal to start feeling Home Buyers Remorse.  Questions like; is this the right home, did I pay to much, etc will be bouncing through your head.  Remember, this is normal and thank goodness you have your list.

As you progress through the escrow process you’ll likely feel some sort of remorse occasionally as well.  When you feel anxious like this just pull your list out and remember you’ve done your research and have thought logically about this purchase in detail and thoroughly.  You’ve weighed out the good and bad and have made an educated decision on your purchase.  If you’d like additional information on the transaction process so you know what to expect, check out our article Closing Time & Escrow Process.  The butterflies of buying a home won’t go away until you close escrow but having the peace of mind that you didn’t just jump into the purchase should make things easier.


If you have any additional questions on the emotional ride of buying a home and Home Buyers Remorse please contact us.  Additionally, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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