Bakersfield CA Luxury Homes for Sale

Bakersfield CA Luxury HomesIf you’re looking for Bakersfield CA luxury homes for sale then you’ve come to the right place.  Bakersfield California offers many great benefits like its central location.  Luxury homes in Bakersfield CA vary in price but its overall affordability is still what makes this city so darn attractive!  There are many luxury home communities and builders to choose from in Bakersfield.  We’ll cover all this and more in the article below.

One of the biggest positives of living in Bakersfield CA is its central location to just about everything.  Located only 109 miles from Los Angeles County it makes this city a desirable location even for commuters.  To the west of Bakersfield you have San Luis Obispo County and the beach communities of Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Cambria, etc.  An equal distance to the north of 109 miles will bring you to the busy city of Fresno where it’s only 180 more miles to San Francisco from there.  To the east of Bakersfield you have Tehachapi and other mountain areas that even have snow skiing like Alta Sierra.

Bakersfield CA Luxury Homes

There’s always something going on in Bakersfield CA, whether it’s the Macaroni and Cheese Festival, Brews in the Village, take your pets to a Dog Friendly Park or enjoying some music at the Brighthouse Amphitheater just to name a few.  If travel is more your thing though within each of the areas above you can always find something fun to do.  With Los Angeles so close you could literally do anything.  One thing many Bakersfield residents enjoy is going to the beach, because Pismo is only 130 miles from Bakersfield, you can go from your living room to the ocean in about 2 hours!  On your way to Pismo don’t forget to enjoy some wonderful wine tasting in Paso Robles!

Bakersfield CA luxury homes come in all sizes and price ranges.  Luxury homes in Bakersfield start at approximately $500,000 and climb to over $3,000,000!  Likewise the location of these homes also determine their pricing.  Luxury home buyers in Bakersfield have many communities to choose from and many of these communities have large varying prices to fit many home buyers budgets.  The affordability of the luxury home market in Bakersfield CA makes it a top choice for many home buyers that want a nice home without spending Los Angeles luxury home prices.

Buying a luxury home in Bakersfield CA has never been easier.  Luxury home buyers have many communities to choose from in all parts of Bakersfield.  Areas such as Northwest Bakersfield and Southwest Bakersfield offer many newer built luxury homes whereas East Bakersfield has older estates.  If buying a newer built luxury home fits more your lifestyle than communities like Seven Oaks, Grand Island and Talladega will be the perfect match for you.

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Now that we’ve briefly touched on some of these communities, lets discuss in further detail each area…

Seven Oaks located in Southwest Bakersfield offers it’s residents a gated community, golf course, country club and community pool just to name a few of the amenities.  This luxury home community in Bakersfield does have a Home Owners Association (HOA) that governs many items like the exterior of ones home, common area landscaping, security and community pool.  Homes in this community start in the mid $500’s and can go beyond $1m.  This gated community is secured by 24 hour security that also patrols the neighborhoods.

Who would think about having a gated community within another gated community?  Castle and Cooke did!  In the center of beautiful Seven Oaks is Grand Island Showcase.  This neighborhood is the most exclusive community in Bakersfield and the prices certainly show it.  With average prices of a million or more it’s no wonder why it’s the gem of Southwest Bakersfield and possibly the entire city.

The northwest Bakersfield luxury home community of Talladega will surely amaze.  Northwest Bakersfield offers newer construction homes and developments including schools and shopping that even residents in other parts of Bakersfield are attracted to.  Luxury homes for sale in Talladega range in price and size, starting in the mid $600’s and going up through over $1,000,000.  Talladega is not a gated community so you don’t have all the restrictions that brings but it is governed by Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&R’s) which ensures the neighborhood is kept in its exclusive look and feel.

Also in Northwest Bakersfield is Harvest Ranch Estates.  If you’re looking for some horse property or just extra space then you might consider Harvest Ranch Estates, homes in this community offer the extra space needed to sprawl out but these homes go fast and don’t often go up for sale.  With less land offered for the average home than Harvest Ranch Estates but yet similar homes and lifestyle, Harvest Ranch brings a close second place option.  Homes in this neighborhood will give you the look and feel of Harvest Ranch Estates without the high price tag.

Moving over to East Bakersfield we’ll find the exclusive Bakersfield Country Club Community.  Buyers looking for older construction charm and character will surely gravitate to the east part of Bakersfield to the Bakersfield Country Club community.  This mature, established community has homes for every price range and style.  You’ll find homes for sale in the area starting at the $200’s and climbing all the way to a million and more!  As you tour the area you’ll notice beautiful homes for sale ranging in size from 2500 sq ft all the way to mansions with 9000 sq foot and more.  This area was mostly developed in the 1960’s and 70’s but many homes in the area have been completely remodeled and some have even been torn down and rebuilt.

Ready to upgrade or are you planning on moving to Bakersfield CA?  Bakersfield CA luxury homes are a perfect buy whether you’re relocating to the area or you’re moving up from your current home.  Buyers relocating to the area will appreciate the affordability that Bakersfield CA Luxury Homes for Sale offer.  It’s no surprises that similar luxury homes in other areas would be triple or even quadruple the price that you’ll pay in Bakersfield CA.

Whether you already live in Bakersfield CA or are relocating to the area, we can help…


For more information about Bakersfield CA Luxury Homes or if you’re interested in buying in Bakersfield, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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