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Bakersfield Home InspectionChoosing the right Bakersfield Home Inspection company can be tough so please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  On a wild house hunt, most people often overlook the fine details or agree to compromise on certain features because they either deem them as minor or cannot afford a better home.  Doing a Home Inspection on the home you’re considering purchasing may save you thousands in the end.  Unfortunately, those ‘minor’ problems and oversights can cost the new owner a small fortune in the long run: many a family budget has been heard to squeal in agony through post-purchase repairs and renovations.  Before you rush off to sign the real estate purchase contract, it may be a good idea to hire a professional to inspect your future love nest first – and here is why.

Choose the right Bakersfield Home Inspection company!

1. Safety first

However amenity-packed and location-compatible your new home may be, safety standards should always come first. Wiring or plumbing defects are a nasty lot, and if the future owner fails to take care of them before moving in, system glitches can jeopardize the well-being of the whole family. From mold and short circuits to serious installation defects and structural issues, your home-to-be may be suffering from problems that go beyond peeling paint or shabby tiles.

2. Your investment’s worth

In some cases, the final contract figure may just be plain inflated due to property location or size. If the defects are not discovered and addressed on time, the new owners may soon realize that their freshly acquired property was simply not worth the investment. According to experts from Ozzy plumbing, a Bakersfield Home Inspection bought before escrow can help the future owner get a better idea about the property’s actual condition. So before you sign the contract the best advice would be to hire some licensed company to check all-electric and plumbing  installations. In this way you can bring the contract value down a notch or maybe even give up the signing process due to impossible repairs.

3. Plan for the long-term

Without a preliminary audit, you will probably have a vague idea of long-term costs involved in home upkeep and updates. However appealing the property price may seem now, do not jump at the opportunity before you get a professional assessment of the overall home shape. Based on the audit, you will have a better notion of both the real estate’s actual market value and the projected cost of upgrades and repairs required in the post-transaction period, such as HVAC servicing or water heater replacements.

Proper Inspection and Due Diligence Will Save You Thousands!

4. Insurance makers – and breakers

Insurance companies need to protect their interests, and many of them will refuse to issue a policy for property plagued by serious shortcomings, such as underground waters, landslides, and suspicious supporting structures. Unless you are a professional home inspector, you may fail to notice certain insurance deal-breakers, and wind up with a money pit on your hands. This is a major downer, as you will probably not be reimbursed for potential damages inflicted to your love nest through force majeure.

5. Shady property features

The fact that your home-to-be rocks a two-car garage and a loft converted into a guest room does not make it a dream-come-true. Not all home sellers are law-abiding citizens, and they may have fiddled with installations contrary to the local codes, or they may have built the auxiliary facility without procuring a construction permit first. A qualified home inspector will look into the legal aspect of large-scale upgrades carried out by the previous owner and report back on the findings. You want to know all relevant details before you make the biggest investment of your life, and you certainly do not want any legal hassle later on, right?

Have you already fallen in love with a house you would like to call your own? Before you slap your name on the contract and rush off to tackle title transfer, pause for a moment and consider getting a professional assessment of your future home. We all make hasty decisions now and again – but buying a home is definitely not a good time for impulsive buying, just-saying.


For more information on home inspections or to get a referral for a local Bakersfield Home Inspection, please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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