Bakersfield Investment Property for Sale

Bakersfield Investment Property for SaleThose that are interested in purchasing a Bakersfield investment property for sale should definitely take a look at these great properties.  Bakersfield offers some great investment properties and because of the affordability in the area it’s still one of the few areas in California that will generate a cash-flow.  Some areas in Bakersfield yield higher passive income while other areas will provide better appreciation.  When deciding to invest in Bakersfield real estate, evaluate your plan of action first then execute it.

The city of Bakersfield is split up into four areas, within those four areas are obviously neighborhoods but for this discussion will cover the four general areas.  The four parts of Bakersfield are Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast.  Borders that define these areas are highway 99 and Stockdale Highway although some people argue that Rosedale Highway is the North and South divider.

Bakersfield Investment Property for Sale

Depending on your investment strategy you may want to consider multiple areas of Bakersfield to add to add to your investment portfolio.  While Northwest and Southwest Bakersfield will yield higher rents and better appreciation, Northeast and Southeast Bakersfield will usually yield a better cash-flow opportunity.  To browse available Bakersfield investment property for sale by area, check out our Bakersfield Investment Properties for Sale page.

When looking into a place to invest some money, smart investors look very seriously at Bakersfield real estate.  Bakersfield offers large industry and significant growth potential all while still providing affordability.  Due to Bakersfield’s large oil industry, many people relocate to the area and if you’re looking for a safe bet seriously consider Bakersfield investment property for sale.

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