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Luxury Homes in BakersfieldIf you’re interested in learning about luxury homes in Bakersfield then you’ve come to the right place.  There are a couple of luxury home communities in and around Bakersfield both in the Northwest, Southwest and Northeast areas.  Luxury homes in Bakersfield range in price depending on location, for instance homes in Grand Island which is in Seven Oaks can range from $650k to over $3m.  The average price range for luxury homes in Bakersfield is approximately $500k to over $3m.

If you’re interested in northwest Bakersfield and would like to live in a luxury home community then you might want to take a look at Talladega.  Talladega offers luxury homes ranging in price from $500k to over $1m.  Talladega is located off of Rosedale Hwy between Renfro and Rudd.  This luxury home community also offers some great schools as it sits in the Rosedale Union School District.

Bakersfield Offers Some Beautiful Luxury Home Communities

Southwest Bakersfield offers two luxury home communities.  Both of the communities are gated and one of the two actually sits behind an additional set of gates.  The two communities i’m talking about are Seven Oaks and Grand Island.  Seven Oaks homes range in price from $250k to over $1m, now I know you’re saying you mentioned earlier that homes range between $650k and above, this is true as the lower priced homes are in an active adult community so if you’re 55+ then you’re in!  Grand Island is probably the single most exclusive neighborhood in Bakersfield, prices in this upper scale community range from over $1m and beyond.

If you don’t mind traveling a bit and enjoy living on the outskirts of town then northeast Bakersfield might be the right place for you to purchase a luxury home.  Like Southwest Bakersfield, NE Bakersfield also has two luxury home neighborhoods.  Each of these neighborhoods, City in the Hills and Country Club both have certain positives to offer.  For instance Country Club is a more established, mature neighborhood while City in the Hills is newer construction.  Another difference is the area in which their located, City in the Hills is farther east and offers some stunning views while Country Club is closer to the city and offers a bit more prestige.

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