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Lamont, California is a small city north of Los Angeles, located on the south-east side of the 99 highway and about 10 minutes north to downtown Bakersfield.

The city of Lamont started growing in the early 1900’s.

Lamont HomesBefore the growth of Lamont, Weedpatch was the landmark name in the early 1930’s for farmers and business developers because of the abundant native plants that were grown in that area. Due to the agricultural land, farm workers were steadily migrating to the city in the 1930’s. When the population increased, new construction for buildings and residential homes increased.

Based on the 2015 – 2016 US Census, the city population is at approximately 15,120. The median sale of home is currently $100,000, with a record of a 22% increase year-over-year. 55% of the residents are homeowners with an average age of 25 . The median household income is approximately $31,429.

There are three Elementary Schools. Theres’s Lamont Elementary (Kindergarten – 3rd Grade) and Myrtle Avenue Elementary School (4th – 6th grade) and Alicante Avenue Elementary School (Kindergarten – 6th grade).  The two other schools are Mountain View Middle School (7th and 8th grade) followed by Nueva Continuation High School (9th – 12th grade). Nueva is the only school maintained by the Kern County School District. The other schools are part of the Lamont School District.

If you plan on visiting Lamont and its neighboring community of Weedpatch, you’ll see a decorative welcome sign located off the side of highway 184. That sign embossed with bold red lettering and depicting an agricultural field of crops in rich greenery, was created by three innovative artists, Heather Connelly, Jo Cacombe and Jayne Murray, from England in 2007.  They created the sign to represent the city’s history.

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