Proper Home Inspection

home inspectionWhen you buy a home one of the things you’ll want to have done is a proper home inspection.  Home inspectors will inspect many items in the home and give you a report so you know what condition the home is in.  Some buyers opt not to have a home inspection done and it is optional but its something that all Realtors should recommend.  There are many home inspectors available both licensed and unlicensed.  Licensed home inspectors have undergone more training and are held to a higher standard than their counter parts.

Hire a Certified Home Inspector to Complete Your Home Inspection

Once you have your inspector chosen, you can plan on them doing a full inspection of the property that includes but is not limited to;

  • Room by Room Inspection
  • Test and review any exterior components and appliances
  • Check all electrical outlets and systems
  • Visually inspect the perimeter and foundation
  • Test and review the heating and air conditions units
  • Check all plumbing systems
  • Visually inspect any and all attics, basements and crawl spaces

Usually when a home inspector is hired they will plan for about 4 hours to inspect the property.  Costs vary for home inspections depending on the size of the home but average about $400.  Their process to inspect is potentially delayed with people asking questions as they inspect so give them the time they need to do a proper home inspection on their own.  During that 4 hour inspection period they’ll invite you back in the last 30 minutes so they can go over the results of the inspection.  This will be the time to ask questions and put a game plan together with your Realtor on what items you many want to ask for in repairs.

A Proper Home Inspection Will Always Locate Items of Concern

Here is a list of some potential items a home inspection might find;

  • Deferred maintenance
  • Leaky roofs
  • Inadequate bracing in attics
  • Sub-par window and door seals
  • Many other issues…


For more information on hiring home inspectors and having a proper home inspection done, please contact us or leave a message below. We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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