Saving Money to Buy a Home with Qapital

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Saving Money to Buy a Home with QapitalDeciding to buy a home is one of the best decisions a person can make, after all that’s the American Dream right?  But how do you come up with the money for a down payment?  Well if you have rich family or someone that will gift you the money to buy a home that’s great but for the rest of us we need to save money to buy a home.  Saving Money to Buy a Home can be a lonnnnngggg process but you patience will pay off.

For many of us saving money is a chore in itself and it’s boring!  Today we’re going to introduce you to a newer app called Qapital.  This app that is compatible with all devices makes saving fun and will help with accomplishing the first step in buying a home… saving money!  As you start to save and see your rule based plans mature within the app you’ll want to also speak with a lender to start the loan approval process.  While starting to save now is a good thing you’ll need to know how much to save and this is why talking to a lender in the beginning is a good plan.  This way you can figure out what price home you can afford based on your income and budget.

How Qapital Works

The best part about the Qapital App is the way you can allocate funds.  Many other banks have similar setups but Qapital is so great because it keeps your “Goals” separate from your main account and allows so much customization.  To setup up Qapital and start Saving Money to Buy a Home CLICK HERE.  Once you have linked your bank account or whatever funding source you choose to use then you can start creating Goals.  There is a default Goal called “Down Payment” and this is perfect for saving money to buy a home.  While setting up your Goal you’ll be prompted to create a Rule, the Rule will pull whatever money you choose based on percentage from your funding source and automatically put the money into your Down Payment Goal.  The best part about this is it’s all automatic!

Signing up & Saving Money to Buy a Home with Qapital is easy, fast and because you’re signing up from this page you’ll get $5.00 when you make your first deposit!

Use this link to sign up and get $5.00 when you make your first deposit


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