Smaller Home Might Be Better, 7 Reasons Why

smaller homeHere are top five reasons why a smaller home is a far better – and happier – accommodation option in the long run than their mansion-like counterparts.  For most people, a dream home is a beach-side villa with lots of windows and spare rooms.  Still, utility and maintenance costs for such lodgings are proportionally high, and after a while, you will probably realize that you actually do not need so much space.

1. A Smaller home is easier to maintain

The bigger the home, the more dusting, scraping and mopping it will take for it to stay clean and tidy.  Small homes can sometimes be too tight to cram all your belongings (most of which you actually never get to use anyway), but they require far less time and energy to stay shipshape.

2. Small houses are not money burners

Unlike their spacious counterparts, small homes have lower price tags to begin with, and the overall expenses (such as taxes, electricity bills, insurance and HVAC costs) are also minimal.  If you install custom blinds and shades, the insulation upgrade in the biggest energy leak zone (i.e. the windows) can bring down the total utility expenditures by a fine figure, too.

3. You will have more time on your hands

After you move in, you will soon find that small homes open the door to extra time you would otherwise have wasted on cleaning, organizing and redecorating work.  This translates as more time for hobbies, family bonding, learning and other activities you enjoy either indoors or outdoors. And besides, coping with a small bathroom is always better than having no time for yourself due to additional work you may have to take on just to cover your expenses.

tiny homes4. You will stop hoarding possessions

A small house will force you to prioritize with your possessions, and you will probably have to drop your habit of piling up needless clutter.  Although habits are hard to shake, saying Goodbye to surplus gear can have a liberating effect on your mind and encourage you to seek happiness outside the material world.

5. A small house allows you to be eco-friendly

By moving to a modestly sized home, you will reduce your total carbon footprint, and it will also allow you to stay eco-friendly over the long-term.  Small homes require fewer resources to both build and maintain, and their impact on the environment is lower than that of multi-room villas.

6.  Better prospects if you decide to sell

Although most people prefer large-scale homes to humble abodes, the odds of getting a decent offer when re-selling a huge house are ridiculously slim.  That is why a smaller home might be a better flip-and-sell material: with the current real estate market prospects, a majority of people can afford only a small home, and the interest in your offer will therefore far surpass the number of viewers of your next-door neighbor’s mansion.

7. You will not be handcuffed by mortgage forever

As for your financial freedom, small cribs are a blessing: even if you can afford a roomy home, the mortgage for a lavish house may take forever to pay back, so you may face yourself bound to the bank for an eternity.  Not so if you go small: depending on your savings, current debt and net income, you will be able to handle mortgage within a reasonable period of time, and that is a precious asset to have in the market plagued by few well-paid jobs and soaring numbers of employees made redundant over night.

When it comes to size, bigger is not always better – especially if not if your lavish three-room home is draining all the happiness and energy from you.  After all, best things in life come in small packages, do they not?


If you’re interested in more information on what smaller homes might be available for sale, please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to find you a smaller home that best fits your lifestyle.


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