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Real Estate Transaction Tips for Success

Whoever says closing a real estate transaction is a simple task probably hasn't actually closed one.  The escrow process can be a very emotional time for buyers and sellers as they are engaged in possibly the most expensive transaction of their lives.  There are...

We’re Closing Escrow, Can I have my Keys?

Before keys can be transferred from the buyer to the seller, closing escrow must be completed.  The term closing escrow means the latter part of escrow and is the last step before transfer of title and keys can take place.  Escrow is the process of closing the...

Closing Time & Escrow Process

Closing time is more often referred to as escrow or the transaction.  This is the time after an offer has been made by the buyer, accepted by the seller and the Earnest Money Deposit has been deposited with the escrow company.  During closing time the buyers will do...

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