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Five Tips to Keep You Safe While Decorating

The time is here where you and your neighbors are outside decorating for Halloween, Thanksgiving and best of all Christmas!  It's important to remember while you're getting into the festive spirit that safety should be on your mind at all times.  This article, Five...

The Technology of Residential Real Estate

As you know technology has changed our lives as well as the way we conduct business.  With technology simplifying so much of our lives it's imperative the real estate market embrace this technology as well.  In today's article The Technology of Residential Real Estate...

Do You love Your Home – Quiz

Welcome to our Do you love your home quiz!  Today we're going to find out if you really do love your home.  Below are 9 simple questions about your thoughts of your home, remodeling plans, etc.  Once you've completed the quiz and submit your answers they'll...

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