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Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent

If you've stumbled across this article then like the 87% of all other Americans you're on the internet.  First off, can you believe that 13% still don't have internet?  Regardless of whether you're connected to the information superhighway or not you can still find a...

Curb Appeal Boosters for Budget-Minded Homeowners

In this article we'll discuss some Curb Appeal Boosters for Budget-Minded Homeowners that will be sure to make your home pop.  With spring upon us, many homeowners find themselves in the mood to freshen things up.  Likewise, if you're considering putting your home on...

Bakersfield Real Estate Questions

As top Bakersfield and Kern County real estate experts, it’s our job to help!  If you've got Bakersfield Real Estate questions, please let us know.  Our team of experts have a ton of knowledge and our brokerage has closed thousands of transactions.  We'll never say...

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