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Bakersfield LifeBakersfield life offers many great things and if you’re living in Bakersfield now you’re likely to know some of the many things Bakersfield offers already.  However if you’re moving to Bakersfield then you’ve come to the right place to learn more about all Bakersfield has to offer.  Bakersfield life and its community can be defined quite simply; it’s a small town feel with big town amenities.  Bakersfield is a great community, to the people who live in Bakersfield it offers great jobs, affordable housing prices and is a good place to raise a family.  Many large companies choose Bakersfield as a hub for its central California convenient location.

What to do when living in Bakersfield CA

Bakersfield and it surrounding communities within Kern County offers many things to do.  There’s plenty of normal places like bowling, movie theaters and parks to entertain you but if you are more into doing some out of the box activities then check these out.  Pet lovers will appreciate the dog friendly parks that Bakersfield offers.

If museums are more your speed, there’s plenty to choose from.  CALM, which stands for California Living Museum is an outdoor zoo that will surely impress, the zoo is home to all types of animals from bighorn sheep to pelicans and everything in between.  Another museum in Bakersfield is the Kern County Museum, this museum exhibits Bakersfield specific items and people.  The museum offers five areas of which three are highlighted here.  Pioneer Village that features 50 historic structures and exhibits, Black Gold that will entertain you with information on oil and how it’s influenced Bakersfield locally.  Lastly is the Bakersfield Sound area that many find as their favorite, in this areas you’ll be introduced to the many great artists that have come out of Bakersfield like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Red Simpson and more plus their stories.  Two more museums that you’ll want to check out is Buena Vista Museum of Natural History and Bakersfield Museum of Art.  The Buena Vista Museum of Natural History offers information on early inhabitants of the area like dinosaurs and Indians.  The Bakersfield Museum of Art is definitely something you’ll want to check out, it exhibits art of all types like works on paper, painting, photography and sculptures.

If museums aren’t quite your speed then you’ll want to try some other activities in Bakersfield.  Bakersfield life gives you other heart-pounding, adrenaline junkie options like Sky Diving and White Water Rafting.  Skydive Taft is located in Taft CA which is about 45 minutes outside of Bakersfield and offers jump plans for everyone, seasoned to rookie.  Don’t worry they even have classes to tech you in the ins and out of skydive jumping.  If after jumping out of the plane you need even more excitement try Kern River Rafting, you’ll enjoy a guided tour down the river and even have the option to take it to the whitewater or enjoy a mellow stroll down the river.

Lastly is the Gaslight Melodrama, this place is a ton of fun!  Don’t forget to boo and hiss the villians and cheer for the heroes.  The Gaslight Melodrama has food and drinks available for purchase and is great for a night out with the family.

Bakersfield Life Has Much To Offer!

Many companies have deep roots in Bakersfield.  Large companies like Chevron, State Farm, Oxy and Bolthouse, Grimmway Farms all have large hubs in Bakersfield.  Both Bolthouse and Grimmway Farms  are headquartered in Bakersfield and are large agricultural companies that supply over 90% of the carrot consumption to California.  Grimmway Farms is the largest employer in Bakersfield, employing over 7,000 employees.  The industry in Bakersfield is agriculturally and petroleum based with companies like Chevron, Oxy and others employing many within the county.

Housing in Bakersfield is come of the most affordable in California.  The median sales prices in Bakersfield as of May 2016 is $226,000 and was based on 1683 sold properties.  The most requested areas in Bakersfield CA to live in are Northwest Bakersfield consisting of 93312 and 93314 zip codes and Southwest Bakersfield that consists of 93309, 93311 and 93313 zip codes.  Whether you already live in Bakersfield and are interested in buying a home to live in, are moving to Bakersfield or interested in buying rental properties, Bakersfield Real Estate is a good investment, check out our article on return on investment to learn more.

As you can see Bakersfield life has much to offer, if you have questions about living in Bakersfield or are moving to the area and need some guidance, please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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