Dog Friendly Parks Around Bakersfield

Dog Friendly Parks Around Bakersfield

Dog Friendly Parks around Bakersfield are a great place to walk with your dog and enjoy the nature trails. In Bakersfield, California, there ‘s approximately 15 dog friendly parks. Some of the parks have a fenced dog run where you can off-leash your dog and others have trails so you can enjoy a nice mini hike.

Popular off-leash Dog Friendly Parks around Bakersfield

University Dog Park on University Avenue east of Columbus has a fenced dog run where your pet can run leash-free and play with other dogs.  In the summer time, you can enjoy a walk through the park because of its vast area of greenery and luscious trees.

Centennial Park on Montclair North of Stockdale Highway has a very large fenced area for your dog to release their energy. It’s in the middle of the city but the park has all the amenities (seating areas and picnic tables) that makes it feel like your away from the busy city life.

Kroll Park is located on Kroll Way and Montalvo Drive. The park has a very large leash-free section with both sandy and grassy areas. The park is well equipped with bags, water and benches for your pet.

Wilson Park is on the corner of Wilson Road and Hughes Lane. There’s a place for your dog to run around leash-free to get the exercise they need and play with other dogs.

Many Dog Friendly Parks Around Bakersfield Include Trails

The Kern River County Park on 13375 Lake Ming Road has over 1000 acres of campgrounds and picnic areas, hills, rivers and a lake. It is strongly advised not to  leave your dog unattended when you are walking along the river. As beautiful as it is, the river is known for it’s very heavy currents.

Kern River Parkway located on Oak Street and Rosedale Highway has a walking and running trail along the Kern River. The trail is about 12 miles long.  Dogs must be on a leash at all times. There are actually different points to enter such as The Beach Park.

Hart Park is on Harrell Highway. It is the oldest Park in Bakersfield.  In 1921, John Hart, a County Supervisor, initiated the project. In 1929, the park was officially open to the public. The park has over 300 acres of scenery along the Kern River. It’s advisable for you and your pet not to play in

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The Bluffs on Panorama Drive has a walking and jogging trail that takes you to Lake Ming and Hart Park. It’s a haven for visitor who are into fitness because the trail are a challenge. It takes you down to the Kern River. To return to the park, you would have to work your way back up the trails. Rather than walking through the trails with your dog, there is a walk way at the park where you and your dog can have a leisure stroll and enjoy the scenery of the city.


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