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Kern County MuseumA collection of timeless memories for the Kern County Museum began in 1929 by the Lions Club.  They published a letter in the local newspaper asking the public to submit any information about the history of Kern County.  The club was able to gather documents, historical facts and photos about Kern County because of a large response to their letter.  They donated all of the information to the Kern County Chamber of Commerce.  In 1941, the Kern County Chamber of Commerce became the founder by county decree.  The doors didn’t open immediately to the public until 1945, after World War II.  During that time, the museum was located on the corner of the Commerce building. When the popularity of the museum grew, the Kern County Chamber of Commerce decided to relocate.

Explore over 50 historic buildings and exhibits at the Kern County Museum

The Beale Memorial Clock Tower, a symbol of a timeless moment in history…

The clock tower once stood in the center of Chester Avenue and 17th Street.  It was designed by Truxtun Beale to honor the memory of his mother, May Edwards Beale.  After the clock tower was completed, he dedicated the tower to the city of Bakersfield in 1904.  Eight years later, the city decided on an upgrade of the railway.  Since the clock tower was in the location of the upgrade, the city council voted in favor of removing it.  Truxtun Beale, along with the citizens of Kern County, protested the removal of the clock tower. The city council then decided to construct the railway around it.

In 1952, an earthquake destroyed the clock tower.  The city wanted to demolish the clock tower but the citizens gathered a petition to keep whatever structure was left and organized a plan to rebuild it elsewhere.  In 1964, the Beale Memorial Clock Tower was built on the grounds of the Kern County Museum.

When you pass the clock tower, you’ll discover a beautiful layout of history.  Activities are provided for the family to learn and enjoy, such as the Lori Brock Children Discovery Center.  There is also interactive oil exhibits as well as famous historical buildings.  The museum has definitely preserved the structure of what life was like in the early 1900’s.


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