Kitchen Backsplash Remodel

Kitchen Backsplash RemodelThinking of upgrading your kitchen?  Consider a kitchen backsplash remodel and bring your kitchen to a modern look.  Upgrading to a glass backsplash is a sanitary and modern look and may work out as an ideal choice for your home, especially the kitchen.  Talking about the kitchen, all of us need to make use of practical materials which are easy to maintain and clean and can also last longer as compared to flimsy materials. When you plan for a splash back, you need to first find out the choices available and then make your choice.

Benefits of a Kitchen Backsplash Remodel

  • Glass splash backs are easy to clean which is a ‘must’ for the kitchen as there is constant spillage and keeping the kitchen totally clean might be troublesome with other material.
  • Designs and Colors are plentiful when you opt for glass splash backs and so you can pick and choose in accordance to the interiors of your home. This gives the desired attractive look your kitchen needs.
  • Glass is a material that can offer a shiny look to the kitchen which makes your kitchen look smarter, besides which this also reflects light making your kitchen look bright and inviting.

Installation of Glass Splash backs

Before you start on installing these glass splash backs, you also need to be aware that glass being a delicate material needs to be handled with care.  In other words, you need to be sure to take care of the edges and not place it just anywhere.  If you are installing these splash backs on your own, make sure of your personal safety.  It is a good idea to wear gloves before you start work.

Measure Twice, Cut Once During Your Remodel

Make sure to allow a gap of at least 3mm around the glass edge.  This makes up for any discrepancy and also allows the area to be a square.  Make sure to use glass which is toughened or else it might crack due to the heat.  You also need to ensure that the fitting of the hob is done according to the instructions given by the manufacturer.  Besides this you also need to make sure of the fitting of the extractor.  The surface which is being fitted should be non-porous, dry and flat. Use only silicone as an adhesive as other adhesives tend to degrade the finishing.

Given below are few tips for the process of installation

  1. Line up the glass panel on the wall carefully.
  2. Use distance wooden or plastic blocks between the worktop and the glass.
  3. Make sure to apply the glue in lines down and also across the panel’s back following the sealant’s instructions which is chosen by you.
  4. Minor adjustments are possible in the position.
  5. In case the splash back is not on a surface, then it will need support which can be of a baton. This requires a minimum of 24 hours as drying period to let the silicone set.
  6. The distance blocks can be removed after a period of 24 hours and the perimeter can be sealed with silicone of low modulus.

The glass splash backs can also be screwed, and for this you need…

  1. To place the splash backs on the wall in position, leaving the required space between hard surfaces.
  2. Make a mark in the center of the points where this needs to be fixed.  This will help you in the drilling process. Once you have done this, you need to remove the glass and place it carefully.
  3. After drilling each point, you need to place a wall plug which can take the screw.
  4. Place the splash back on the wall with some help, making sure that the rubber washer is in the front of the glass.
  5. Now you fit the screws moving left to right so that it is in position.  Avoid using an electric driller as there are chances of the glass cracking.  A screw-driver operated by hand needs to be used to tighten the screws. Add the chrome covers and your splash back is installed.

Following the above kitchen backsplash remodel guide you’ll be sure to be the envy of friends and family.


For more information on a kitchen backsplash remodel or other home improvement ideas, please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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