Kitchen Renovation 6 Ideas & Tips

Kitchen RenovationKitchen renovation is often thought of as being very expensive but did you know it yields the highest return on your investment?  The kitchen of the house is a sacred place as it is where the food of the house is cooked, therefore keeping it up to date and hygienic is important. In order to renovate it, you will need to look at the various elements of the kitchen and assess as to what would be the impact of renovating them. Moreover, you will also be required to check whether the renovation idea you are trying to imply here is financially viable for you or not.

Let’s look at some Kitchen Renovation Ideas

  • Look for surplus: Often, contractors will have extra material left from projects they have finished elsewhere. Check with your contractor and see if any tiles, paint, or other stuff is available for use. Usually, it is the tiles that can come in handy and save you more than a pretty penny. They might not be your favorite color, but when you are looking for affordable kitchen renovation ideas, this one certainly tops the list.
  • Paint it: This one works if you have a really dirty kitchen but don’t have the budget for a full redo. Pick up a brush and simply refinish everything with paint, right from your wash basin to those grungy walls. White would be the easiest and safest bet here. To give you walls a little more excitement, paint some stripes in a slightly darker color. Renovating your kitchen this way shouldn’t take you more than 4 weeks.
  • Go for Surface Updates: Instead for going for a complete makeover, make some cosmetic changes to the kitchen. Keep essential details like the vintage steel sink and cabinets made of metal the same. Renovate around it. Use modern tiles for your back-splash, get a new counter-top, and you should be done. Making simple cosmetic changes to the kitchen can make a huge difference and save you a ton of cash.

Your Kitchen Renovation doesn’t have to be expensive to be nice!

  • Go for Tiles: While that fancy Italian marble or even granite might look really cool in your kitchen, it can cost you a bomb. Tiles on the other hand can be bought at a fraction of that price. In fact, tiles are easier to clean too. All you need is to seal them once every couple of years or so. Moreover, there are a lot more design options available in tiles. Yes, your kitchen might not look as classy as your neighbor’s with marble and stone, but if done right, tiles can have their own unique appeal. Plus, we are really talking about affordable kitchen renovation ideas here.
  • Go Industrial: Industrial design is in vogue these days. A part of that reason is its budget friendly. Industrial design is all about stripping down to the bare essentials. Some scruffy paint, wires showing through walls, and some functional lighting should do the trick. Install a metal bench in your kitchen and you should be good to go. Industrial design can be a lot cheaper than going for a minimalist, modern feel for your kitchen.
  • Update the Accessories, only: If you are pushed for cash for a full kitchen makeover, here is an affordable kitchen renovation idea for you to make small changes for a big impact. Change accessories such as door handles, knobs, and faucets. You could even blend styles here to make changes more noticeable. For instance, choose something modern and minimalist if your kitchen has a vintage ambiance. Even small changes, when done right, can make a huge difference to your space.


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