Bakersfield MLS CA Multiple Listing ServiceThe Bakersfield MLS (MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service) is the tool that Bakersfield real estate agents use to help clients buy and sell real estate.  Did you know that the Board of Realtors doesn’t own the MLS?  The MLS is actually a third-party vendor or database provider if you will that offers a program that will take all the information (properties listed and sold) and sort it out in different reports and search functions.

As a Realtor, I use the MLS everyday.  It’s functionality allows me to add clients and prospects as well as add the criteria of the properties they’re interested in.  One great thing about the Bakersfield MLS is the auto prospecting feature.  With auto-prospecting I can add a client and they type of property they’re interested into the system and when a property hits the market that fits the bill, my client is emailed in real-time about that property!  Cool stuff, right!  Having worked with buyers since 2006 I’ve got a tuned ear on what buyers want, I make sure what they tell me is what they want and ask further qualifying questions to clear up any questions.  Using the technology that the Bakersfield MLS provides and offers allows me to find the perfect home for my buyer based on their buying criteria.

Bakersfield MLS CA Multiple Listing Service

Sellers choosing to list their home in the Bakersfield MLS will likely see better results than opting to list the home themselves.  After all, think about all the buyers you’re reaching when you put your home on the market.  For more information on listing your home through a Bakersfield Realtor versus listing it yourself, check out our article, Bakersfield Realtor versus For Sale By Owner (FSBO).  Providing that other agents do the same thing I do with adding them into the mls auto-prospecting program you’ll immediately receive the exposure needed to sell your home fast and for top dollar.

There are several MLS vendors available, Rappatoni, Black Knight, Corelogic and FlexMLS just to name a few.  In California there’s even a Statewide MLS that provides access to listings throughout the entire state.  Many agents don’t use the Statewide MLS though because they know the property will get much more localized exposure in the locally offered MLS.  Each MLS software provider offers the same overall product of offering data to its “Subscribers” or Association of Realtors but of course they also differ in many ways like features.  Features such as different search types, mobile applications and so on.  These items can be very useful to an agent when searching or selling a home because the potential buyer is always looking to have the most data possible in real-time.  Thus the race to provide this information is constantly evolving and improving.

Bakersfield MLS uses the Rappatoni system and it works great.  Although up to recently they were lacking much of the luster the other providers offered they have since turned up the heat and are offering many of the items the other providers offer.  Rappatoni is a family owned MLS provider and have been in business for over 45 years.  They’re located right here in sunny California in Simi Valley which is about 60 miles north of Los Angeles.

Before computers… The history of the MLS regardless of location was pretty much the same.  Before online databases, smartphones and laptop computers you could actually carry there was good ‘ol fashioned paper, pen and binders.  It’s crazy to think that an agent would carry around a binder of all the listings in a particular area and have to update the info daily.  When a new property went on the market the real estate office would usually get a fax and then that information would be copied for the agents to put in their binders.  Thank God for technology!!!

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Today’s technology we want everything now, in face buyers and sellers have much of the information that’s available on the Bakersfield MLS through other online avenues.  Sites like, and make much of the information available to the public, so much information that often times an agent will receive a call from a buyer saying “I found a home, when can I see it”.  The technology that we all love, information at your fingertips type shopping has really evolved the way we do business as agents.  There’s a little saying, Realtors wont be replaced by technology but Realtors not using technology will be replaced by other Realtors using technology.  I’m happy to report that our real estate office prides itself in the technology we use and we’re always at the forefront of what’s new.


For more information on the Bakersfield MLS or if you’re interested in searching homes for sale online please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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