4 Real Estate Sales Tips

Real Estate Sales tipsHere are 4 real estate sales tips you can use to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.  If you have a home that needs to be sold as soon as possible, then you’ll likely consider ways you can improve the situation to your advantage.

Sell Your Home Fast Using These 4 Real Estate Sales Tips

  • Making your home unique on the market

The first step is to make your home nice and unique so that it stands out on the market.  Cookie cutter homes are easily valued and allow buyers to find less expensive homes with many of the same amenities.  Think about what you can do or add to your home to make it  memorable to anyone that visits it.  Depending on the age of your home you may be able to do some easy upgrades that won’t cost much.  Things like new windows, landscaping, flooring and paint are items that usually can be done for very little cost.  Check out our article on Home Renovations That Sell Homes to learn more.

  • Maintenance

Secondly but equally as important as making your home unique is making sure everything is in good working condition.  If you’ve successfully completed making your home unique on the market then you’ll definitely get buyers to your property but all will be for nothing if you get your home under contract with a buyer and nothing works in the home.  Follow these real estate sales tips to make the process of selling your less difficult and stressful.  Take some time and go through your home, inspect and test items such as all appliances, electrical outlets and light switches to make sure things are in proper working condition.  Any items not working need to be fixed prior to listing your home on the market.  Mae sure to replace broken items such as light-bulbs.  Defective items in a home are often representative of deferred or lacking maintenance which will be a big negative in the buyer’s mind.

These real estate sales tips will give you the information you need to achieve your goals!

  • Bonus objectives

Sometimes people need a little push to go your direction.  How many automobile advertisements have you heard today about special deals, no money down, etc?  These are all marketing ploys to get you in the door.  In real estate many buyers can qualify to buy but may not have the down payment necessary.  Consider offering some concession money to pay for the buyers closing costs.  This little extra tidbit may just be what someone needs to buy your home!  Another option to think about is a home warranty, warranties run for a full year and cover the home.  If an appliance breaks, toilet stops up or other issues arise the homeowner calls the warranty company and they come out and fix it, usually for a small deductible like $100.  This is a great option to give to a potential buyer the peace of mind to close the deal, if a buyer knows that they home is covered for a year it will help them be more comfortable moving forward to buy your home.

  • Improving curb appeal

This really should be the most important item here next to maintenance.  Curb appeal can seal a deal before the buyer even arrives in the home.  Likewise it can dissuade a buyer so out of all real estate sales tips, take this one very seriously!  Make sure all landscaping is properly groomed and looking nice, add some color to give things a little pop.  If you have a cracked or broken driveway or walkway, fix or replace it.  Paint your fences and keep up on the yard work.  For more information on curb appeal check out Tips to Sell My Home Fast.

For more information on other real estate sales tips to sell your home fast, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you in your real estate goals.


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