6 Tips when Listing a Home for Sale

Listing a Home for SaleYou don’t get a second chance to make a first impression when listing a home for sale.  When listing a home for sale you’ll want to make sure that it’s always available for prospective buyers to view.  In order to ease access for both you and the Realtors showing the property, a lockbox hung on the front door or gas meter is always a good idea.  If an agent has to get a key from another location other than going to your home it’s likely you many miss that showing as agents like showing homes of cooperative sellers.

Just because a lockbox is hung on your home doesn’t mean you wont have any advanced notice of visiting buyers.  Traditionally the process goes like this;

  1. Buyer calls agent to look at a home.
  2. Agent calls the listing agent to make the showing appointment.
  3. Listing agent calls the seller to confirm the showing time (typically 2 hours notice).
  4. Once confirmed by the seller then the listing agent calls the other agent back to confirm, decline or propose a different time.

As a seller you’ll want to try to be as accommodating as possible.  Refusing a showing at a particular time will likely cause the showing agent to skip over your house.

6 Tips to Remember when Listing a Home for Sale

Don’t be at home during the showing – Buyers don’t want to be followed or feel like they’re being watched over.  During the showing, you can take a walk around the block or take the kids to the park.  If you are unable to leave during the showing then make sure you stay clear of the buyers as they tour your home.

Let the lights shine – Make sure all window coverings are open and your lights are on.  Buyers appreciate seeing a bright home as they walk in.  Your home when all lit up will also appear more homey and warm.

Be aware of allergies – Sure a home with scents can smell nice but what if the buyer has an allergy to the scent?  Never use scented sprays as some buyers might also find them to be offensive.  Some scents are appealing and more neutral, try a potpourri pot or you can even turn on your stove or oven and do a drop of vanilla.  The vanilla tip will make your home smell like someones been cooking!

Pets can sometimes be pests – When showing a home make sure your pets are with you when you vacate the home.  Additionally its a good idea to make sure your agent puts a notification in the MLS that pets maybe present so the showing agents are aware.  If your pets absolutely must remain at the house during the showing then have them crated so your potential buyers and your pets are both safe.

Dump the trash cans – It’s always a good idea when preparing for a showing to dump all interior trash cans especially if the cans don’t contain a lid.  Kitchen trash cans are absolutely imperative to have dumped as the will most likely contain old and expired food that could smell.  Buyers touring a home and seeing an open trash can that is full of debris can lead to negative feelings and odors in and about the home.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness – Of course it may be obvious that your home should be clean and tidy for all showings but what about business papers on a desk or drinking glasses in the sink?  All these items should be properly stored out of sight.  Your home should appear as neat and tidy as the day a house cleaner would leave it, this includes making all the beds and vacuuming all the floors.  Your end goal is to have your home appear as a model home!


For more information on listing a home for sale or if you’re interested in listing your home, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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