Home Selling Tips for all Sellers

Home Selling TipsNavigating through the maze of selling can be a daunting process.  Our home selling tips for all sellers will help you journey through the selling process as an educated seller.  Once you’ve decided to sell the house you’ve instantly got a list of tasks that need to be done.  Items like, determining sales price, how you will address buyer inspections and their repair requests and contact negotiation just to name a few.  This article will help answer some of those questions for you and if you have any other questions, please feel free to call or email us anytime.

Home Selling Tips to Sell Your Home Fast!

Before putting your home up for sale it’s always a good idea to see what the shape of your home is in.  Being prepared with the items that need repair and repairing them first will always make for a smoother transaction.  For instance, have your heating and air conditioning unit inspected and if the unit needs servicing get it done so it’s running properly when you list your home.  Eliminating the need for a buyer to request repairs will keep the seller sane and the buyer will know they’re getting a solid home.

Make your home as bright as it can be, all homes big or small need to be showcased in their best light.  This means cleaning the windows, a simple task that is often overlooked.  Cleaning the windows brings the light in and also shows the house is taken care of.  Buyers will judge a home based on its cleanliness, their judgement comes in the form of a low-ball offer if the home is not in it’s best shape.

Remember there are two ways to put a property on the market, sellers can list their home to list it or they can list their home to sell it.  Any real estate agent in town can easily tell the difference and consult their clients in the form of days on market.  Listing a home to sell means pricing it right, you’ll need to work closely with your agent to determine the fair market value range for your home.  It goes without saying that the list price of the home within the fair market value range will be determined by the seller and their motivation and need to sell.  Listing at the higher end but within the value range will show the intent to sell but without desperation, listing in the higher range is acceptable for properties in excellent condition.  Listing at the lower end of the range will show motivation and an eagerness to sell.  Properties should never be listed north of the fair market value range but sometime might need to be listed south of the range depending on the sellers needs and property condition.

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The Most Important Item in Our Home Selling Tips, Hiring the Realtor!

After deciding to sell, a seller should hire a real estate agent.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can sell your home on your own, in a real estate transaction there are many things that need to be done and if not handled properly can end you up in court, costing your thousands.  Hiring an experienced real estate agent will protect your interests in the transaction and reduce your liability.


For more home selling tips or to get information on selling your home, please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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