Interior Improvements Before Listing a Home

Interior Improvements Before ListingIf selling your home is on your future agenda, you’re going to want to complete any interior improvements before listing your home for sale.  Items like a leaky roof, electrical outlets that don’t work or even and odd odor can turn off a buyer the moment they walk in.  In order to appeal to all buyers and sell your home in the quickest time you need to complete these items and make your home neutral.  As a seller you’ll want to cure any and all defective items before getting into contract with a buyer because once a home inspection is done, the items will be found and if not resolved may cost you the sale!

One way to ensure your thorough in the process of remedying these items is to act like the house isn’t yours, put yourselves in the buyers shoes and ask yourself, does that wall need to be painted a neutral color since its bright red?  What about that water stain in the ceiling, maybe you need to have that inspected and repaired.  The little things like light-bulbs being out can be all a buyer needs to walk out the door, don’t give them a reason NOT to buy your home! Make sure to neutralize any odors in the home, closets with dirty shoes and clothes, old dishes, food and full trash cans can all contribute to this issue.  Fabric softener sheets are a great way to add a neutral, inviting smell to your home instead of old gym socks!

Complete any interior improvements before listing your home for sale!

We wont be covering the exterior improvements in this article but you will still want to walk around the perimeter of the home to make sure lights, electrical and other items visible are in good working condition.  Also make sure there are no trip hazards in and around your home.  Confirm there is no standing water or discoloration in and around the house.  A bathroom that has a shower without a cracked window may have signs of mildew around the window, take a towel and clean it off. If it doesn’t come off you might have a bigger problem especially if the wall feels damp or wet when it should be dry.

In a previous article we mentioned how important de-cluttering a home is, for more information on why it’s important, check out our article Making Your Home Neutral for Buyers.  In this article we also discuss the importance of neutrality in a home to appeal to all buyers.  As a seller you really want to make sure you’re home is in the best shape possible, the interior and exterior must be in tip-top appearance and all items in and around the home need to be in proper working condition.  If you don’t catch the items before your house goes on the market your buyers will and repairs may cost you thousands and even worse possibly lose the deal!


For more information on proper preparation to get your house ready for sale and interior improvements before listing your home for sale, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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