Is Using a Lockbox Safe?

Is Using a Lockbox Safe?When listing your home for sale a common concern among many Sellers is whether the use of a lockbox is safe.  The iBox by Supra is a special box that has an infrared eye on the front with an empty inside that holds a steel key carriage.  In order for the carriage to drop the user accessing the box must have a specific key or authenticated phone app that is traceable.  The secure box when hung properly combined with today’s highly technological real estate environment makes using a lockbox very secure.

The old days of accessing a box with just a combo code with no traceable access is over.  When selling your home it’s imperative to have a lockbox hung at your home.  In some regions throughout the US it may actually be required to have a lockbox hung at your home if you list your home for sale in the local MLS.  Be careful though to make sure the lockbox is hung in a place that will not draw attention especially if the home is vacant.  Most Sellers choose to have the unit hung on the side of the house on the gas meter.

Using a Lockbox is Safe

The use of a lockbox allows agents to call and make showing appointments with the Seller to show their home without the Seller needing to be present.  This is incredibly convenient and one of the best parts is that the Listing Agent that has hung the box will be notified of entry and exit which makes things more secure.  Plus this notification allows the Listing Agent to seek feedback on the showing from the Agent that showed the home very soon after.  Most homes listed on the market will have a lockbox hung so if you choose not to have one then you may be putting yourself in a situation that makes showing your home more difficult.  Most often when this occurs an agent will simply skip over showing your home and will cause you as the Seller to miss out on potential buyers.  When installed, the box is locked into place usually on the front door or utility meter and cannot be removed by anyone other than the person that placed it.


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