Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent

Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing AgentIf you’re considering listing your home in Bakersfield CA then today’s article Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent will be something you’ll want to read.  Listing a home in Bakersfield CA takes proper planning and budgeting.  You’ll want to plan your move in advance in order to make sure things go smoothly.  Budgeting is also very important because if you don’t end up with enough money to move then you’ll end up in a pinch.  In this article we’ll discuss what you’ll need to know to prepare for the listing and selling of your home and the move to another home.

Proper planning to list your Bakersfield CA home begins with hiring a high quality listing agent.  You can locate a high quality Bakersfield CA agent by reviewing agent reviews and testimonials on Yelp! or Zillow.  Once you hire an agent, together you’ll assess the property condition, curb appeal and then work on a value for the property.  One of the first steps in assessing the property will be reviewing it’s condition.  You’ll want to make sure that the property is in the best possible condition for showings and buyer tours.

Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent

When listing a home for sale in Bakersfield CA you as the seller will want to concentrate on enhancing both the interior and exterior condition of the home.  Some people might think that the inside is the most important but I can assure you that both inside and outside is equally important as buyers that drive up to your property and don’t like the way the outside looks will just skip it.  This is why we need to make sure the outside looks just as great as the inside.  In our article Curb Appeal Boosters for Budget-Minded Homeowners you’ll see ways to enhance your exterior curb appeal for not much money.

As you already know the inside of the home is largely important as well.  Buyers will often make an unconscious decision on the property during two points 1.) As they drive up to the property and 2.) When they walk in the front door.  If these two points do not appeal to the buyer almost immediately then the buyer will most likely not be interested in the property at all.  This is why we make sure your home shows in the best light and makes it’s best first impression.  Curb Appeal is the first thing that we need to make sure is on point and when that checkbox is marked we must envision ourselves as the buyer walking through the home and address items that our future buyer would likely be concerned about.  In our article Interior Improvements Before Listing a Home, you can read more about the interior items buyers are concerned about which will make addressing the interior of your home that much easier.

After you’ve dolled up the interior and exterior of your home your Bakersfield CA listing agent will do a valuation on your property.  The comparable market analysis (CMA) will be a report with 6 comparable properties, three actively listed properties and three sold properties.  These properties will be within a certain radius of your home address and must not be more than 6 months old.  We pride ourselves on our valuations, in fact consistently we report only a 2.5% variance from our valuation price to actual sale price.  We’ll always give our clients accurate information and we’ll never bloat the values just to earn your business!

One part of today’s article Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent is proper budgeting which is imperative when you’re listing a home for sale, especially if you’re planning on using the proceeds from your current home as a down payment on another.  Your agent and escrow company can assist you with eliminating the guess work of some of these costs with a Net Sheet.  A net sheet is the potential sales price of the home minus a detailed overview of the sellers potential costs including but not limited to escrow fees, closing costs, real estate commissions, title insurance, etc.  The “Net” figure will be your money at the end of the day after all is settled.  It’s important to know this amount up front when you’re buying another home to make sure that you have enough money to put down on your new home after paying the costs to sell your existing home.

One way to save thousands and put more money in your pocket is by using a Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent.  Using a reduced commission listing Realtor doesn’t always mean you’re sacrificing any service.  In fact, Tholco sellers that choose to use us and sell their home receive the best service and a lower discounted commission rate.  Click here to view some of our recent testimonials.  The money you save on real estate commissions goes directly into your pocket so why not use a top-notch agent that offers great pricing?  If you’d like to list your home in Bakersfield CA for a reduced commission fee then click here to learn more about our 1.9% reduced commission.


We hope our article Bakersfield CA Discount Commission Listing Agent was helpful in providing some guidance on the listing process.  If you’d like more information or are interested in listing your Bakersfield CA home for sale please contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to add you to our growing list of satisfied clients!


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