Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home

Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home

In today’s article, Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home we’ll discuss how to locate the perfect agent to sell your Bakersfield CA home.  So you’re ready to start the process and sell your home but what’s the first step?  Sure, finding an agent to list your Bakersfield home for sale is easy but finding the best agent that knows your specific area and is a good personality match with you to list and sell your home is a bit more of a task.  Here are some ideas to help you through the process of Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home.

One good thing is that if you’re reading this you probably found the article on the internet, being tech-savvy is a must these days and an agent who advertises on the internet must be tech-savvy and know the ins and outs of online marketing.  Things go deeper when it comes to today’s marketing, it’s not as easy as just calling the newspaper and putting the ad in the paper.  Today’s agent must have some knowledge of internet marketing like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keyword Analysis, etc.  With over 90% of buyers searching on the internet to buy homes do you really want an agent that doesn’t know how to market your home properly on the internet?  In addition to using our successfully proven online marketing campaign we’ll also list your home on the MLS as well as all the top real estate websites like Zillow, and Trulia plus many more to ensure your home gets the exposure it needs to sell for top dollar in as little time as possible.

Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home

Using the internet to find homes for sale is fine but if you’re looking for an agent in Bakersfield CA to list your Bakersfield CA home then you also want to make sure that the agent you’re using will be good at what they do.  So how do you find an agent that will represent you and your interests properly?  One way is to ask your friends or family who they use, wait… no you don’t!  Just because your Aunt Sally sold her home and used “Rob’s Realty Depot” doesn’t make them the best fit for you!  Of course if you’re involved in a corporate relocation move or something that requires more skill set it’s a good idea to get a referral from someone that is going through or that has gone through the same process to ensure your agent is competent in the process.  Otherwise you need to find an agent yourself to make sure they’ll be a good fit for you and your home.  Looking at Yelp! is a good resource to assist you in Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home.  Their incoming reviews are filtered through a detailed and extensive algorithm and then sometimes reviewed manually to ensure the reviews they’ve received are not fake.  Click here and give Yelp! a try.

Now that you have a couple agents to choose from it’s time for the interview process.  You’ll want to call the agent’s you’ve selected and schedule a time for them to come to your home, during this meeting the agent will view your property and likely take some notes and pictures.  Be weary of an agent that is ready to give you the value of your home during this meeting, in fact you may want to ask what they think the value might be just to see what they say.  Agents should not have a value prepared and should respond that they haven’t yet taken the necessary steps to value your home properly with adjustments.  This face to face meeting is a time for you tel tell the agent about your home, let them know the upgrades you’ve done.  Additionally this meeting is a great time to make sure your personalities mesh well together.  Selling a home is a big thing and if you feel like the agent doesn’t work well with you then it’s not the right agent.

Some questions for you to ask the agent to better prepare yourself for this meeting might be;

  1. How long have you been licensed?
  2. How many homes have you sold in your career?
  3. How many homes have you sold in the area?
  4. How accurate are your valuations?
  5. Do you have any disciplinary actions or legal issues currently or in the past against your license?
  6. Do you have a salesperson or broker license?

The above questions will not only establish career tenure but it will also give you some valuable information about the Bakersfield CA Realtor you’re dealing with.  You want to make sure that the agent you select will represent you in a professional manner and will work best with you and for you.  If you feel the agent might not be giving you honest answers, ask them to back it up with proof and feel free as a seller to call the local Bakersfield Association of Realtors to confirm their answers.

This concludes our article; Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home but there is one last thing to discuss and that’s the commission a seller pays to sell their home.  I know, I know, nobody likes to talk about paying commission to sell their home.  The thing that you as the seller should be mindful about is that commissions are negotiable.  Typically, real estate brokerages charge 6% of the sales price of the home to a seller to sell their home.  The 6% is usually split 50/50 between the listing agent and the buyers agent since most often there are two agents involved in the transaction.  Due to the amount of homes we sell and clients we assist we chose to offer a more “relaxed” fee for our sellers.  Sell your Bakersfield CA home with Tholco Real Estate Group & save thousands using our low 1.9% listing fee!


Hopefully this article on Finding a Bakersfield Listing Agent to Sell Your Bakersfield Home was informative to you.  If you’re thinking about selling your Bakersfield CA home and would like more information on our low 1.9% listing side commission, click here!  We’d appreciate the opportunity to show you how we will market and sell your home.  As always, please feel free to leave a comment below.


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