First impressions when selling a house

First impressions when selling a houseFirst impressions when selling a house do matter!  In today’s article we’ll cover some key points to remember when listing your home for sale.  Remember you only have one chance to make a good first impression and you’ll want to make sure it counts when selling a home.  Consider these tips on the exterior of your home for making a good first impressions when selling a house and make sure you’re ready for the buyers when they arrive.

The exterior of the home should always be neat and tidy.  Yards should be kept clean, well groomed and a bit of color added if selling during the Spring or Summer seasons to bring some pop to your curb appeal.  Make sure to keep the exterior of the home clean as well, it might be a good time to walk around the home and see if there are any items that require attention like peeling paint, dry spots in landscaping or rusty hardware.  Confirm any pools or spas are clean and blue, especially during the warm seasons you want to make sure buyers envision themselves enjoying summer party’s by the pool.  If your pool or spa is green that just wont happen.

First impressions when selling a house

As buyers walk up to your home you’ll want to make sure your front yard is in the best shape possible and this doesn’t just stop at the yard itself.  Front doors are a focal point that buyers pay close attention to, if its in bad shape or doesn’t open properly that’s a bad thing.  Make sure the front door is clean and operational, don’t hesitate to add a fresh coat of paint if needed.  If the door locks aren’t working properly then make sure to repair or replace them, buyers loving the outside of your home and not being able to get inside is a waste of your good efforts.  Property address plaques and welcome mats also offer a nice touch and if yours are deteriorated or old then replace those as well.

If you have pets you’ll want to confirm each day and prior to any buyers viewing the property that any pet waste has been cleaned up from the yard.  This also goes for pet toys, the exterior should be as clean as possible and should present itself in a fashion as though pets weren’t ever present. Another item to consider about making a good impression on the exterior of the home is in the backyard, if your backyard is not very large, make sure to remove any unnecessary items so as not to clutter the yard.  Swing sets and other kid’s toys will also add clutter to a backyard and when the yard doesn’t offer a large layout, additional unnecessary items will make it appear even smaller than it is.

If you’re looking for additional information on preparing your home for sale, take a look at our article Getting a House Ready to Sell or 6 Tips when Listing a Home for Sale.  These additional articles will offer some insight on prepping the interior and exterior of your home for sale.  If you’d like a free consultation from us as to what’s need to prepare your home for sale please contact us!


If you’re interested in selling your home or you’d like additional information on how make the best first impressions when selling a house please contact us or feel free to leave a comment below.


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