Making Your Home Neutral for Buyers

Making Your Home Neutral for BuyersIf you’re preparing to sell your home then making your home neutral for buyers is very important.  Neutrality equals sale-ability and you’ll want to remove personal items from your home so potential buyers visiting your home have the ability to envision their personal belongings there.  Sellers will want to create a generic tasteful palette for buyers so its appealing to all parties.

As you walk through your home preparing the items for storage, make a checklist of the items you need to remove.  Items like personal photos, crafts, dolls, figurines, etc should be out of sight for potential buyers.  Your home must shine in its best light and in order to sell in the quickest time you need to make sure that all items that display you or your personal likes and hobbies are put away.  Replace the items you store with neutral items like mirrors and candles, these items enhance a home and make it brighter as well as show larger.

Making your home neutral for buyers makes your home appealing to all buyers!

Some family pictures are perfectly fine, lets face it if you walked into a home that didn’t have any photos at all then that would seem a little weird right?  You want the home to be warm and inviting to all buyers.  If your home has an accent wall that is painted a nontraditional color or maybe you have a mural painted, these items are things that also should be removed.  Neutral paint colors and neutral flooring is the best bet and will be sure to appeal to the masses.

Sellers that have lived in their homes for many years may find they’ve accumulated many things along the way.  De-cluttering a home can be a great way to open the home.  For smaller homes, de-cluttering should definitely be considered along with lots of natural light and tastefully placed mirrors.  Implementing these tips will open your home up and make it bright and airy.


For more information on making your home neutral for buyers, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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