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open house successWhen you’re ready for the big day, make sure that you prepare your home way in advance.  Open House success comes with the right preparation.  Don’t wait a day before the open house.  You’ll miss out on the important details that are essential to selling your home sooner than later.

Here’s 5 Tips to Ensure Your Open House Success

1. Curb Appeal
Before potential buyers step into your home, they are going to notice your front yard.  Curb appeal will be their first impression.  It’s very important that the landscape  of your home is up to par.  Replace or add new mulch in the beds.  Make sure the grass is cut and edged.  You’ll also want to remove any random items sitting around the premises (i.e. shoes, a bike, skateboard, toys).  Place a doormat at the front door, if you don’t have one.  To add that finished touch, place a few plants or flowers in bright-colored pots near the entry way to present a welcome feeling.

2. Wall Paint
When potential buyers walk into your home, they will recognize the color of your walls before anything else inside.  Dark colors tend to make a room smaller while lighter colors make a room larger.  If you have black and red checkered walls, spend a little bit of money on repainting.  You want your walls to remain within the neutral paint colors, such as beige or taupe.  Make sure that your painting project is done a few weeks before the open house to avoid possible lingering fumes.

3. Clutter
It’s very important to get rid of unnecessary furniture and household accessories out the way.  You want to stage your home by creating a feeling of simplicity.  This gives potential buyers a visual perspective of each room as they see fit with their own belongings.  Remove boxes and any obstruction in the halls and bedrooms.  You don’t want visitors to trip on anything as they go from one room to the next.

4. Pets
If you have pets, they shouldn’t be part of the open house.  Some buyers are animal lovers, some are not and some of them might be allergic to animals.  To be safe than sorry, remove them from the home for the time being.  Take your pet for a walk around the neighborhood, take them to the park or leave them with someone you know that can watch your pet for an hour or two.

5. Aroma
Make sure that your home does not give off pet odor.  Even though you don’t smell it, potential buyers might smell the odor as they walk in the house.  Your local pet store will have great safe cleaning products that can actually eliminate the odor.  If you’re cooking some form of exotic dish, hold off until after the open house or cook it a few hours before hand.  Place scented candles or scented plug-ins in your home with an aroma of either vanilla or cinnamon.  It will give an irresistible scent and appeal to your home.

Once you’ve taken care of the above items your agent will do their job on the day of the open house.  These tips will assist in making sure your open house is a success!


For more information on how to ensure your open house success, contact us.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.  Feel free to add additional open house success tips below in our comment section.


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