Real Estate Staging Guide

Real Estate StagingIf you’re selling your property you may already know how important real estate staging is.  Regardless of what your experience in the matter may be, you will need to be well-prepared so you can get things ready for a sale.  The guidelines ahead will give you the information you need to make it happen:

  • Having the right state of mind

There has to be a balance between the attachment you may feel for your property and the need to sell it.  Although we may have been living in the home for a long time, chances are you will need to work on it to make it look good for future sales prospects.  You would do well to look for ways to do this, such as working with a realtor or a staging professional if you want to make thing flawless.

Consider Real Estate Staging to Sell your Home

  • Work on your curb appeal

Make sure to work on the outside of your property, by making it look inviting and welcoming for all who come by for a viewing you’ll greatly improve your chances of a successful sale.  Work on trimming the garden, paint the outer walls of your home and mulch the flowerbeds and other areas around the property.  First impressions are often the most important, so you will want to make sure you don’t fail in what you need to work on.

  • Making proper use of colors

When you’re ready to bring it all together with proper real estate staging you may want to choose milder and more neutral colors for your palette instead of going with anything bolder.  The more neutral shades will make things easier to handle in the long run, since they will not annoy the eyes and will allow you to work with confidence.  You may want to keep in mind that you would do well to freshen up the wallpapers or paint inside your home as well as the outside. Sometimes even the smallest of touches can be a big change in the grand scheme of things.

  • Let light in the house

You can find more ways to take advantage of the light levels around the house or apartment.  Avoid darker hallways and make sure you take advantage of any natural light you may work with, especially for bathrooms and the basements of your home.  Make sure you avoid missing any broken light fixtures, this will leave a bad impression for your future clients and buyers. Fix them, work on new fittings if need be and do your best to combine that with nickel or silver fittings if possible.  Add some table lamps into the mix and floor lamps for specific rooms and you will have excellent results in the end.

  • Flooring maintenance and issues

This is something else you need to fix, especially when you have any issues with the flooring of the home.  The last thing you want to have is someone dealing with a poorly maintained home, so make sure you remove any potential new problems and flaws in the property.  There is no point in putting the property on the market if you have not worked on the appeal of the home.


For more information on staging your hoe for sale, please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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