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For Sale SignWhen marketing a home for sale why not do all you can to sell it?  A for sale sign and fliers is just one more way to let people know your home is available for sale.  The real estate market has always been very competitive and it’s imperative as an agent to cast the largest net you can to capture any and all possible interested buyers.  Fliers are a great way to communicate special features of the home to buyers that don’t want to or don’t have the time to call an agent that exact minute.

In order for the for sale sign and fliers to effectively do their job they need to be placed in a prominent position in the front yard clear of any bushes and trees.  Does the for sale sign matter what it looks like?  You bet it does, a rusty old sign or post shows potential buyers that you didn’t really care to put something up that best portrayed your property and will be an immediate turn off to the buyers.  Remember the deal is in the details!  Make sure your sign is not all scratched and bent up or old-looking.  Likewise the post should not be all scratched up and rusty, it should portray a new fresh look just like your front yard.

For Sale Sign and Fliers to Sell Your Home

If as a seller you decide to make some fliers to showcase your home then you’ll want to keep to these simple tips.  Fliers should be in color, full-page 8 1/2 x 11 and created with a font that is easily readable like arial and verdana.  The flyer should include one large photo of the home and three or four smaller photos showcasing special features of the home like the pool, kitchen, family room, etc.  It should also contain four or five sentences as a description about the home you’re selling and of course the sales price.  Your great looking for sale sign and fliers aren’t going to do anything without your front yard and the exterior of your home looking great as well.  Exterior Improvements and Fixes to sell a home must be done to make sure the home is in the best possible shape for potential buyers.  Like the for sale sign, the front of your home and your yard are the first thing a buyer sees and at many times makes a subs-conscience decision to buy or not right then.  Your curb appeal should look fresh and clean, trim the bushes, cut the grass and rake the leaves.  If your yard is mostly green, consider planting some flowers with color to brighten things up.

If you’re getting calls from the for sale sign and/or the fliers then what you did is working.  It would be a shame for a potential buyer to love the house on the outside but hate the inside because it is not in the best shape it can be in.  The for sale sign and fliers will get people interested in your home but its your job as a seller to keep them interested so make sure you do your Interior Improvements Before Listing a Home.


For more information on for sale signs and fliers, please contact us or leave a comment below!  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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