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Seller Showing HomeSelling a home is an exciting time and when the doorbell rings with a showing is no exception.  Proper seller showing home etiquette is important to remember as what you do can be the difference between selling and not selling your home.  Ideally, sellers shouldn’t be home if the property is listed with a Realtor, this allows the property to be shown properly and offers the buyers the freedom they need to discuss things as they move throughout the home.  In the event the sellers want to stay while the showings are happening then here are a couple of things to remember.  What you do beyond the time of answering the door maybe the difference between inviting and scaring off your potential buyer.

When opening the door, greet the buyer and Realtor if present with a welcoming smile and shake their hands.  Invite the parties into your home and after offering them something appropriate to drink, invite them to take their time, enjoy browsing the home and let them know you’ll be out of their way but always available with any questions.  It maybe difficult to let the buyers walk through and not check-in with them but believe me if they have a question, the Realtor will definitely ask.

Remember Seller Showing Home Etiquette When Showing Your Home

Proper seller showing home etiquette starts with the ability to not eaves drop, the buyers may make a comment about something you hold sentimental and you’ll want to remain composed through-out the showing.  Comments from the buyer are not meant to be offensive in fact if they’re talking about making changes to the home that’s a very positive thing.  Buyer dialogue such as “oh I would change that” or “that really should be painted a different color” means the buyer is thinking how other things might look which is a clear indication of them picturing themselves in the home.  This is exactly the dialogue you want.

Sometimes it’s difficult to not say anything though when people say that they want to change something we like or have a real tie to.  This is why Realtors are a perfect match for sellers because with a real estate agent there is no sentimental thoughts or emotion.  It’s a third emotionless party and allows the buyers agent and sellers agent to discuss freely things without any prejudice.


For more seller showing home tips or if you’re interested in selling your home, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you!


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