Selling Your Old House Fast

Selling Your Old HouseYou might find yourself one day in a situation where you have bought a new house, and you need some tips on selling your old house in order to complete sale on the new one.  Maybe you just want a quick sale so that you have some $$$ to start that new chapter of your life with.

7 Steps to Selling Your Old House FAST!

Here are some tips on how to achieve that:

  • A clean house is an appealing house.  Pull up your sleeves and do a few rounds of cleaning around the house so that the potential buyers don’t have to step in filth when entering to survey it.  Go through all the rooms and make them spotless – a clean house always means a better house.
  • Repainting makes the house look new and it might find you more potential buyers without much persuading.  Just remember to use neutral colors – let the buyers do the personalizing themselves.  Update both the interior and exterior of the house so that it looks like a good buy even before you walk into it.  The nice interior will definitely help sealing the deal.
  • Make a moving checklist.  Go through your rooms and start putting down everything you will take with you.  Use all that you are leaving behind as a decoration or as a ‘bonus’ for the potential buyer.
  • Get a real estate agent.  Unless you know a friend, who is looking for a house and is willing to buy yours, there is no faster way of selling your old house than getting professional help.  It is a real estate agents’ job to find buyers and make your house look like a deal they should not pass on.  Agents know the prices and will know the best possible price you could sell your house to in the shortest time.  They will do market research and set a price on your house which will attract the most potential buyers, so you should think twice before passing on the opportunity of using their services.
  • Don’t work only on the inside but also concentrate on the exterior as well.  Opt to do some gardening among all else.  Mow the lawn and do some weeding.  Make the yard look as appealing as the house itself.
  • Place ads in the right places.  Pick the right papers and the right spots around the town for poster ads, and make as much people possible aware that the house is for sale.  In combination with the right price, set by a real estate agent, this could very well lead to a fast sale indeed.
  • If you had any pets, make sure you delete all traces of them.  People will stay away from lingering odors left by pets, not to mention if any allergies start acting up.

Do all this and the house will be ready and set up for a fast sale.  Now you can call the movers and focus on your relocation at peace, waiting for the estate agent to call with the good news.  As you’ve seen a lot of the tips above regarding selling your old house fast have to do with cleaning and updating.  Some time spent in these two areas will great improve your chances of selling your home so you can move into your new one as fast as possible.


For more information on selling your old home fast, please contact us or leave a message below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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