Tidy Your Way To A Market Ready Home

If you are in the process of selling your home soon, you have probably already started deciding on its pre-listing value.  A market ready home means, clean, personal items removed and priced to sell.  So how’s is it looking so far?  Do you know that there’s an economical way to increase the pre-listing value of your home even further?

Many real estate professionals maintain that a home’s general cleanliness is a huge aspect in determining its value.  It’s a reasonable thought process because who would pay for a property that isn’t well-maintained?  Granted, a buyer may have chosen a substantially sized home with a great location that’s convenient to them, but they won’t be assured that they’ll be getting their money’s worth if things around the house look like they’re falling apart.

That being said, the way to achieve a high-value, market-ready home is to tidy it up!  It’s that simple, and Clean Conscience has made it even easier to keep track and gauge your home’s cleanliness with this handy infographic:

market ready home

While getting all of your cleaning bases covered, keep in mind that first impressions could make or break a buyer’s decision.  Here are the seven areas in your home you should pay attention to when doing a clean-up check to get your property in a market ready home condition:

General Areas

Make sure your entry way—the first point of reference for a buyer—is kept simple and clutter-free.  Walls should be wiped down, as well as baseboards and trim work. You wouldn’t want your buyers to walk through an obstacle course while checking your place out, so it’s advisable to remove children’s/pets’ toys on the floor or carpet.


Give special attention to the kitchen because this is an area of the house where unpleasant odors could come from.  Shine the sink, scrub the drain and de-clutter the counter tops of any used dishes.  It’s also recommended to clean visible surfaces (appliances, cabinet/drawer faces) and organize cupboards and drawers.


If you keep your laundry in the bedroom, it’s wise to put it away before a buyer comes to see your house.  In fact, it’s advisable not to keep unwashed laundry too long because the smell could linger in the air.  Don’t forget to make your bed and preferably fit it with new sheets during the buyer visit.


Bathrooms usually accumulate molds and stains, especially in the shower, tub, and sink.  No one wants a filthy bathroom, so prioritize getting rid of these unsightly blemishes on your tiles and other bathroom surfaces.  Deodorize and sanitize the toilet as well, and never leave personal care items out in the open.


As with the other rooms in the house, de-clutter your office/workstation by organizing all your documents in drawers and/or shelves.  Dust the books and bookcases, and clean your computers and monitors.


In the case of walk-in closets, make your buyers realize the potential of this feature of your home by organizing all of your things neatly.  This will allow them to see how spacious and functional the closets are.

Outdoor Areas

Do you own pets?  Make sure to pick up after them and dispose of their waste properly.  Sweep the deck, patio and backyard, and wipe down the exterior of the doors.  Outdoor furniture should also be rid of any dirt by hosing or wiping them down.

Always put yourself in your buyer’s shoes when evaluating the value of your home.  Revisit every nook and corner of your property and ask yourself how much you’re willing to shell out for it.  If you find yourself eager on spending your predetermined value for it (or even higher), then you’re on the right track. But if not, it’s probably time to tidy up a bit.  Or a lot.


For more information or if you’d like a free consultation on how to get your property in a Market Ready Home status, contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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