I just happened to find Jason by happenstance. I was searching on my own for houses and Jason was the Agent that responded to me. After working with him for a short time, he was able to sell both mine and my mother’s house and we purchased a house which all closed escrow at the same time! That was awesome! He is very nice, quick to respond to phone or email. My family and I got to know him fairly well. His favorite choice phrase is “At the end of the day”. My Mom and I would smile at each other whenever he would say that! Jason is by far one of the best, maybe even THE BEST real estate agent that I’ve ever known! It was a blessing that we worked with him and he did an amazing job. I told him if there was an emoji that motioned bowing down with hands that I would send it to him. LOL. And that was one of the other great qualities that Jason has is how personable he is and honest. Much appreciated. He Rocks! We miss the laughter, sweat and tears that went into the deal. No need to shop around for another agent, Jason will get the job done!

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