I had the pleasure of working with Jason Thoele to purchase a new home in Bakersfield, California. Jason was hands down the best realtor/broker I met in the area and his level of knowledge is absolutely amazing. If it weren’t for him, I’m positive I wouldn’t be the owner of my new home. Not only does he ensure everything is on schedule and to your level of satisfaction, but if there is absolutely anything out of order, he ensures the other party is aware and that the issue is resolved promptly. He is truly on your side 100% of the time and will always give you his honest answer/opinion, even if it may cost him losing the purchase or sale of the home along with his commission. I had a particular issue I ran into at the very last minute and he fixed the issue even though there was resistance from the other side. I was very impressed! I thought I was going to possibly lose the house, but he went to bat for me (even though it could have cost him everything as well) and I was very happy with the final result of this particular issue. I needed a lot of advice along the way and Jason was always quick to get back to me with the answers I needed to know. I’ve rented most of my life so I had a lot of questions. Another reason I like Jason is he is very tech-savvy. It’s been my experience most realtors I’ve tried working with simply aren’t techy, but Jason was always very prompt to answer emails I sent him which was very reassuring! I also needed some assistance after closing and Jason just didn’t leave me hanging, he made sure there was a plan in action to ensure I was taken care of! This just isn’t some side gig that Jason does, it’s who he is and what he breathes. Jason also has a network that consists of a wide variety of referrals should you ever need additional assistance. If you’re looking for an honest professional to help you buy, sell, or rent a property, I highly recommend Jason Thoele! If I ever decide to sell my house, my first email is going directly to Jason! Good luck!

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