Jason is a rock star. He made himself available on a day that he was originally booked (my only day in town) and was able to schedule all the properties I wanted to see last minute. What’s awesome is that he knew about a house that wasn’t even on the market yet but he knew I’d like it, and I got to see it first hand. Guess what? That’s the house I ended up buying. Negotiations were super smooth, thanks to Jason’s skills. I’m really happy with the deal I got. Jason is also extremely knowledgeable with company-assisted relocations, and I should say patient as well; I’ve asked so many (some dumb!) questions, but he’s always been extremely pleasant to work with. His level of service really goes above and beyond; he’s helped me hire the inspectors, general contractors, he got my house keys for me, and even now after the closing of escrow he’s still helping me with other contractor contacts (he’s got a contact for everything you might need!). I’m really grateful for your service Jason, couldn’t have asked for a better real estate broker. All the best to you.

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