What can we say… we don’t have enough words to describe our heartfelt thank yous for the excellent and exceptional help you have given us from the start to the finish of our home selling adventure. You’ve worked with us so closely and have been there every step of the way to answer any and all questions we had regarding our selling experience, and for this we deeply thank you. You’re personal style of service for us was top notch, and Lorna and I both know you sacrificed a lot of your time to make sure we were well taken care of in every step of the selling process. We will never forget you even taking time out of your vacation to answer any of our questions or concerns we had. We really appreciated it and for this we thank you so much again.

For us, it’s a bittersweet sale. Good in that there are no more late nights worrying about whether or not our house would be sold, no more wondering about what the next day will be like and so on. On the other hand it’s sad because there won’t be anymore times we could say “good morning, Jason, how are you” or to just hear your pleasant voice telling us about the daily developments or recent activities that were going on with the sale of our property. We’re not trying to make it sound sappy at all but, speaking from our hearts, Lorna and I truly mean it.

So, again, many thank yous and kudos to you, Jason. You worked hard for us, and Lorna and I won’t ever forget the amount of time and diligence you vested in us. You’re a good man. Please take care, Jason, be safe, be well, and God bless.

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