Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

To successfully create a real estate marketing plan an Agent must cover all basis.  A combined “boots on the ground” and online marketing strategies often is whats needed to sell a property in the quickest time for most money.

The largest part of an agents work will be behind the scenes.  Although you may not see your agents efforts at first glance his or her efforts are hugely important in the sale of your home and ultimately will be shown in the successful sale of your property.  Much work goes into selling a home, there’s scheduling showing appointments with buyers and other agents, implementing and executing marketing campaigns, following up with visitors from open houses, online leads and phone calls just to name a few.

Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan

As previously mentioned a successful marketing plan is usually executed with online and off-line efforts.  Agents that are more tech savvy will likely put more emphasis on an online campaign and with 86% of buyers looking on the web at houses then obviously that makes sense.  An online strategy must encompass emails to both the agents buyer pool as well as agents in their territory, social media blasts and boosted ads if necessary, postings on popular online real estate sites such as Zillow, and Trulia.  Of course it goes without saying that an agents website will also play a part in the marketing of a sellers property but what if no buyers can find the agents site?  Sure someone can type in the website address but people searching for homes don’t search by website name or URL, they search by addresses, neighborhoods and zip codes.  An agents website that has these popular search features and is search engine optimized will get their clients the most traffic to and for their home.

Not all real estate marketing plan strategies are the same, a single family home is not ever going to have the same marketing strategy as a multi-family or even a mobile home.  When you’re ready to put your property up for sale you’ll want to work with your agent to devise a plan that will work for you, your goals and your specific property type.  Regardless of the property type and marketing strategy you’ll definitely want to make sure your agent puts your property on the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and make it available for showings to all agents in the area.


For more information in real estate marketing plans and how to sell your property for the most money in the shortest amount of time, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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