Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent

Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate AgentIf you’ve stumbled across this article then like the 87% of all other Americans you’re on the internet.  First off, can you believe that 13% still don’t have internet?  Regardless of whether you’re connected to the information superhighway or not you can still find a local real estate specialist to assist you.  In today’s article, Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent we’ll show you some ways on how to locate the best agent to get the job done right the first time.

Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent is the very first step in the buying or selling process.  When looking for a local real estate agent be mindful of your needs and how your future agent will represent your interests.  You’ll want an agent that represents you well by protecting your interests, explaining things thoroughly and communicates well through the process.  One great resource to assure getting great service is by checking online review sites like Yelp! or you can also look online at major real estate sites like or for testimonials.

Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent

Another option to get information on local Realtors is to ask your friends and family.  Be careful with this one though because if you don’t do your due diligence it might bite you in the end.  Just because your best friends brother has his real estate license doesn’t mean he’s any good at real estate negotiation, transactions, etc.  Ask the agent how many homes he’s sold in the area, does he have proof of the sales and testimonials to show his level of competence and service.  If these items are not readily available then you might want to look elsewhere for a more proficient agent.

You’ll want to employ an agent that is skilled and active in the area meaning they’ve sold 10-12 homes a year for the past 3 years at least.  This will give a proven track record for the area and leave no doubt that the agent is competent and up to the task.  One question that will really separate good agents from typical agents is whether the agent does blog posts.  I know, not every agent is going to take the time to write online about real estate but think about this, the ones that do will likely know more about the area, market stats and industry information.  I can tell you though since I’ve been closing monitoring market trends that I’ve definitely been better informed of where the market is and can confidently guide clients better with the information obtained by my research.  At the end of the day you just need to make sure you hire an agent that knows the area and how to navigate the current market and do it well!


Using these tips will hopefully help you in Finding a Bakersfield Real Estate Agent.  As always if you need additional assistance please feel free to contact us or leave a comment below.


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