Moving Out? Read This First

Moving Out? Read This FirstIt’s time for a change in your life.  Whether you’re moving out due to a work relocation or a family member has to move and you are following.  Maybe’s it’s time for a change of pace and scenery in your life – it does not matter; your priority is to think about the process of the move, not the reason for the move.  The fact is that you are moving out and you need to start planning.

If you’re moving from one location to another within the same city or county you may not need to plan for a moving company unless of course you want to.  Moving further away may create the need to hire a moving company and if this is the case you’ll want to call them as soon as you can to make appropriate moving arrangements.  When you hire a professional moving company you’ll be presented with a bid to pack your items, move them and even unpack them in your new home.  Some companies will do ala carte, meaning you may have the option to choose what services you need or want from the moving company.

Moving Out Tips To Make The Process Easy

When selecting a moving company, one way to establish who offers a  good service would be to ask around.  Especially if you work in a large office that has employees relocating you may want to reach out to your companies relocation department.  Recommendations are always handy when it comes to making a choice.  Once you have settled on a moving company, it is time to further plan the move.

One Smart Move Is Making a Moving Out Checklist

Go around your house with a pen and paper and write down everything that you want to take with you.  Make a list of all the items in your home, you’ll need this list for two reasons; inventory moving list and for insurance if something breaks during the move.

After your list is complete, get some boxes and start packing.  Always use boxes over bags as they’re more durable and stack better.  If you cannot find any boxes around the house, ask local shops for used ones, they are bound to have some which are only taking up space in their storage.  Pack smart, use wrapping paper and bubble-wrap for safer transportation.  Even harder items like books should be packed carefully with some bubble-wrap, to reduce the chance of warping the covers and pages.

When all the packing is complete you’re then ready to call the moving company for your move.  While the movers pack up your items you’ll want to be present to be sure things are handled properly.  If you’re moving with pets then check out Moving with Pets, 5 Tips to simplify things.


For more information and tips on how to making moving out a success, please contact us or leave a comment below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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