Moving With Pets, 5 Tips To Simplify Things

moving with petsMoving into a new home is always exciting but it’s not always easy moving with pets.  Pets are territorial and they need time to adapt to their new surroundings like finding the best sleeping spots!  As pet lovers we want them to feel comfortable and happy during this transition.  In this article we’ll provide some tips to help moving with pets a little easier on you and them!

Consider these 5 Tips when moving with pets…

Make Dining Convenient

As you know, our pets are very familiar with where they eat.  In fact it seems like my pets also know time because they’re sitting in front of their bowls when it’s near time to eat.  Provide your pets a location that is not often moved where they will eat their meals.  Many Vets recommend only feeding your pets once or twice a day and it’s a good practice to store the bowls away when not in use.  The absence of the bowls will also eliminate the thought for your pets of food during the day.  Some home builders are now even providing special bowl drawers that easily slide open and close for your pets meal time.  How’s that for cleanliness and convenience?

Lounging Around

Our 4 legged friends spend a good amount of time just relaxing around the house.  Let’s just sat they take their napping very seriously!  You’ll want to make spaces around the house for your pets to nap also.  As time goes on your pets will learn that these spaces are for their comfort and is a good way to keep them off the other comfortable areas you don’t want them on.  Pets often enjoy soaking up the sun so if your house has a sun-room take advantage of that spot, they’ll love you for that!

Bath Time!

I don’t know about your pets but I have one dog that loves the water and one that hates it, nevertheless they both have to be cleaned from time to time.  There’s a couple of points to consider on this one and your pets hair length should be a the top of the list.  Many people add a hand-held spray wand to their shower and clean their pets that way and that’s a great idea but if your pets have long hair you’ll be calling out the plumber the next day.  For the pet owners that have this issue a wand like sprayer can be added to any hose, the light spray will get all the soap off while not hurting your pet.  Never use human soap or shampoo or a direct sprayer on your pet as this could cause damage to your pet.

Moving into a new home with your pets doesn’t have to be difficult on you or the pets with these helpful tips.

The Great Outdoors

Let’s not forget that our pets are animals.  They enjoy jumping, playing and running around.  They require proper exercise and attention that sometime only the outdoors can satisfy.  Your pets outdoor play area should be safe, free of any debris and things they could get hurt on or from.  Make sure this area is secure with a proper fence and gate, fences with vertical slats are considered the best.  In keeping your pet secure you need to be also aware that they need proper shade and water, extra food will also be necessary if you’re leaving your pet for an unsupervised amount of time.  If you have a designated area for your pet that is secure with the prior mentioned items, consider also adding a pet water fountain and napping area to ensure their comfort.

Does Flooring Matter?

One thing that makes a home nice with pets is hard flooring, whether it be tile, pergo or otherwise.  It’s fairly easy to clean up messes including the hair which alone can be a daily task in hotter climates.  Additionally, hard floors tend to be cooler which your pets will appreciate on those hotter than normal days.  If you must go with carpet, you may want to consider a color that will be similar to your pets hair color.  Two colors to stay away from unless your pet is hairless; never install black or white carpet regardless of what color your pets hair color is.


Hopefully these tips on moving with pets will help you, if you have any further questions please feel free to contact us anytime!


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