New Home Move-In Checklist

New Home Move-In ChecklistIf you found your new dream home and you’re ready to move in then this new home move-in checklist will be very beneficial to you.  With all the excitement and work related to hiring a removal service, it is easy to get lost in the chaos of tasks that surrounds this big step in your life.

It is important to keep in mind that you need to look into some specifics before you actually execute the move to the new place.  As much as you would rather just call the first moving company you can find and start packing so that you can finally move, it is imperative that you pay heed to some tasks first.

5 Step New Home Move-In Checklist

Here they are:

  • Inspect the windows and install window treatments – it is always preferable to inspect the windows of your new home before you move in and this should be the very first item on your new home move-in checklist. Windows are often times problematic in that there is damage in the form of leaks and holes, which compromises the insulation of your new home.  Besides, windows are important for security and allow you some privacy.  Everyone will be able to tell that you are moving but if you have no curtains or other window treatments, everyone will be able to tell exactly what you are moving in.  Consider some shades or temporary drapes for privacy till you can find something more fitting later on.
  • Change the locks – in order to have peace of mind about security, it is a good idea to change the locks of your new home.  Chances are you are not the only one with a key to the place.  Consider that the previous owner, the real estate agent, realtors and possibly even some maintenance staff possibly have keys as well.  For this reason you should definitely change the locks, especially if your removal is going to take place in two or more stages.
  • Prepare the closet space for your arrival – soon enough you will have a ton of your stuff waiting to be stored in your new home.  The available closet space might not be enough or it might simply not be organised well enough.  Inspect to see if the closets in your home have enough poles, shelves and hooks.  Possibly add a few extra, if you think the space they offer is not enough.
  • Renovate the walls – it is definitely easier to work on the walls of your new home before the moving van unloads your heavy furniture and you arrange it inside.  When you have bare interior, it is far easier to paint and clean since nothing will get in the way.  If the previous owner had wallpaper and you want it removed, it is best to do it on empty rooms than later.
  • Thoroughly clean the place before moving in your belongings – it is best to clean your new home thoroughly before you bring all of your belongings in.  That way you can do a better job, and you can expect the specialized service to be more thorough and finish the work faster.

These are just few of the tasks you have to consider before moving in a new property.  If you’d like to learn more about moving, check out our article on Moving with Pets, 5 Tips to simplify things.

For more information on moving into your new home, please contact us or leave a message below.  We’d appreciate the opportunity to assist you.


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