Showing the House

Showing the HouseIf you’re a seller in the process of selling your home you’ll want to read this article about Showing the House.  Selling a house is inconvenient and the most inconvenient process of an already inconvenient time is the showing process.  During this time in the sale process, buyers and buyers agents will make appointments with the listing agent and/or agency to see your home.  Typically there is at least one hour notice but sometimes it can be less if a buyer is already in the neighborhood.

As a seller you should prepare and be ready for your home to be shown between 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.  Buyers look for homes online 24 hours a day so as soon as they can reasonably reach an agent they’ll want to get in to your home to see it.  This is where a lockbox comes in handy, with today’s technology the electronic lock-boxes notify the listing agent within 10-15 minutes of entry and exit of the home.  No longer do sellers need to spend needless time outside their homes wondering if the agent or buyer is done looking at the sellers home.  A good agent with follow-up will stay on top of these notifications to alert their clients to ensure as little amount of time is wasted as possible.

Tips for Showing the House

It’s always a good idea not to be home during showings.  Selling a home can be an emotional time, you want the buyer to be able to walk-through the home and communicate any concerns or praises openly with their significant other or agent.  Sellers going through the sale process may also not want to hear what the buyer has to say about their home.  Take 30 minutes to take the dogs for a walk around the block or break for some yogurt.  If you as the seller cannot leave then make sure to excuse yourself and go outside during the showing.  You’ll want to keep communication with the buyer and /or buyers agent professional and as limited as possible.  Answer any questions they ask but do not offer up needless information.

Make the home inviting by turning on the lights.  This is a simple step that really does matter, buyers want to see a home lit up and bright.  At night it’s nice to turn on any outdoor lights including pool lights to allow for buyers to safely walk about the premises.

Never use any scented spray fragrances.  Buyers walking into a home make be allergic or might think the seller is trying to cover something up.  If you need to neutralize a smell in your home consider using a potpourri pot or turn on the stove and put a drop of vanilla on the burner.  The vanilla smell will be inviting to buyers and will smell like you’ve been cooking.  Another item to consider when dealing with smells is the kitchen trash, be sure to empty all trash cans before a showing.

I am a big fan of pets but i’m not buying your home.  If you have pets make sure to pen them up or take them away during the showing times.  For cat owners, if you have an indoor cat that you don’t want left outside you may want to consider putting the cat in a room and posting a note on the door to keep door closed.  You don’t want the cat to get scared and run out when a visitor arrives to show your home.

Lastly, make sure to keep your house clean at all times while you’re house is on the market, being prepared will also allow you to approve showing requests easily while being more stress-free for showing the house.  Remember “D.O.C”, declutter, organize and clean!  These three simple words should be in the front of your mind at all times when preparing to show your home.  Be sure to always make the beds in the home, never leave any dishes around the house or in the sink.  Freshly vacuum before all showings.  Your goal is to make your home look the best it can to ensure your sale is quick and for as much $$$ as possible!

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If you have any additional questions about selling a home or showing the house, please contact us.  Additionally, feel free to leave a comment below.


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